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Item: DVTF On Two Fronts Latinos and Vietnam .. OM


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Length: 90 minutes on 1 Disc
Copyright Year: 2015
Production Year: 2015
As Seen on PBS
Subtitled: Yes
Subtitle Languages: English,Spanish
Aspect Ratio: 16x9 Widescreen
Region: 1
UPC: 841887025324
ISBN: 9781627894036
Country of Origin: United States
Director: Myl�ne Moreno
Producer: Souvenir Pictures, Myl�ne Moreno
On Two Fronts, Latinos & Vietnam 

On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam examines the Latino experience during a war that placed its heaviest burden on working-class youth and their communities. Framing the documentary are memoirs of two siblings, Everett and Delia Alvarez, who stood on opposite sides of the Vietnam War, one as a POW and the other protesting at home. 

The program raises issues that remain relevant today. In communities where there were few alternatives to service, war impacted every household - especially among Latinos. How did this affect the young men who served on the front lines? How did it impact their communities? During the Vietnam War, Latinos began asking for the first time: What is the true cost of war and the appropriate price of citizenship? 

Filmed on location throughout the Southwest and in Vietnam, On Two Fronts combines lush photography with home movies, vivid news footage, and a trove of personal photographs. 

This DVD features subtitles in Spanish

This DVD includes a Spanish audio track.

DVD:  60 Min.